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Feb 20 - 24  Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, California

   ISAR Symposium Planning Meeting

Upcoming surgery i is preventing acceptance of other invitations that present themselves.  However, it will not prevent me from seeing classes and teaching classes.

April 14 - 17  Great Lakes Astrological Conference

Oct 22 - 17  ISAR Forecasting Symposium

   Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, California

   Conference Coordinator

   Lecture Presentation


May 21 - 25  NORWAC Annual Conference

   Seattle, Wa

   Lecture Presentation

Sept 9 - 15  AAGB


   ISAR Consulting Skills Course

Sep 18 - 21  1st All Canadian Conference


   Lecture Presentation

Oct 8 - 13th  Langley, BC


   ISAR Consulting Skills Program

   ISAR Competency Exam

Oct 21 - 26th  OPA (Organization for Professional Astrologers)

   Retreat Team Leader

Nov 10 - 24th  Beijing, China

   Lecture Presentation

   ISAR Consulting Skills Program

   ISAR Competency Exam


Feb 6 - 11  Phoenix

   Site Inspection for ISAR 2014 Conference

March 18 - 24th  OPA Annual Retreat

   Myrtle Beach, S.C

   Team Leader

Apr 10-14  Great Lakes Astrology Conference

   Lecture Presentations

   Noon Lecture Presentation

   Pre Conference Seminar

May 22 - 26  NORWAC Annual Conference

   Seattle, Wa.

   Lecture Presentations

July 18 - 20  Phoenix

   Conference Venue Inspection

Sept 20 - 30th  ISAR 2014 Conference

   Consulting Skills Seminar


   Proctor ISAR Competency Exam

Oct 28 - Nov 11  ISAR Certification Program

   Beijing, China


March 19 - 25th OPA (Organization of Professional Astrologers)

   Team Leader Seminar

May 29 - June 3rd Great Lakes Astrology Conference

   Lecture presentation

Aug 13 - 27th  ISAR Certification Program

   Beijing, China


Feb 1 - 11th  Conference in Jerusalem, Israel

   Lecture Presentation

   ISAR Consulting Skills Program

May 19 - 31  UAC (United Astrology Congress)

   Lecture Presentations

   ISAR Consulting Skills Program and Competency Exam

July 20 - 23rd  Austin Texas Astrological Association

   Weekend Seminar


Mar 16 - 29th  Sao Paulo, Brazil

   ISAR Consulting Skills Double Seminar

   Trip cancelled due to hip surgery date changed

May 26 - 30  NORWAC

   Lecture Presentations

June 2 - 5th  MAC Conference

   Lecture presentations

Aug 22 - 30th  Florida Advanced Chart Reading Symposium

   Team Leader


Feb 21-28        NCGR Conference in Boston
                         ISAR Consulting Skills Pre Conference Training Seminar

Mar 22              University of Alberta, Religious Studies Department
                         Presentation: What is Astrology and Why Does it Survive the Ages?

Apr                   Possible Conference in Portugal
                         Dates and Arrangements under discussion Apr 9                

            Edmonton Astrological Society
                         Lecture: Relocation Astrology: 7:30 - 10:00
Apr 26-May 2nd
                         MAC Conference, Cleveland, Ohio
                         Also, ISAR Consulting Skills Training

Jun 4-7            Martha's Vineyard for OPA Team Leaders Seminar

Sept 1-10        Moscow
                        Astrological Seminar
                        Also, Conducting ISAR Consulting Skills Training

Oct 18-24        Asilomar, Monterey, California
                        OPA Retreat: Team Leader

Nov 19-21       Speaking at International Cyber Conference
                        "Breaking down Barriers"

March 13th       Edmonton Astrological Society Lecture Presentation April 13 - 19     OPA Retreat (Organization                 for Professional Astrologers)
                        Asilomar State Beach & Conference Center (Monterey, Ca.)
                        Team Leader & Presentation

May 22 - 25     NORWAC Conference, Seattle, Wa

June 1 - 10       Moscow, Russia Conference - Lecture and pre-conference workshop

Aug 20 - 23      ISAR CONFERENCE , Chicago
                         Aug 17 - 19th Consulting Skills Training, Response Training & Pre-Conference
                         Conference Co-Coordinator, Trainer, Lecturer

Oct 2 - 4           Istanbul, Turkey - ISAR Consulting Skills Training

March 13–17th     8th Balkan International Conference, Belgrade, Serbia
                             Lecture and Seminar
March 17-24         Istanbul, Turkey - Seminar                                     
May 13-22            UAC (United Astrology Conference) Denver, Colorado
Sept 3-8                OPA Annual Retreat  (Organization for Professional Astrologers)
                             Team Leader Meeting - Martha's Vineyard, MA
Nov 13-16             Fraser Valley Astrological Society, Vancouver, BC

March 15-18th  7th    Balkan International Conference, Belgrade, Serbia
                                  Seminar & conference lectures
Mar 28–Apr 2nd       The Blast Conference, Sedona, Arizona, USA
May 24-28th              NORWAC Conference (Northwestern Astrological Conference
                                  Seattle, Wa., USA, Keynote +  lectures
July 12-16th              OPA Team Leaders Meeting, Martha’s Vineyard, Ma, USA
Sept.                         Trip to Russia and Germany was cancelled due to unfortunate          
Sep 27-Oct 1st OPA    Annual Retreat(Organization for Professional Astrologers)
                                     Team Leader for Astrology at Work Track
Oct 24-28th               SOTA (State of the Art Astrological Conference) Toronto


March                  Barcelona Conference cancelled due to surgery – total knee replacement
Apr 7 – 9th          3-day Seminar in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
May 3-17th          Heaven on Earth Conference, Castle Montegufoni, Florence, Italy
                            Also visited Venice
May 20th             Amsterdam Workshop
July 27-31           OPA Team Leader meeting, Martha’s Vineyard, Ma., USA
Sept 13-19t h      OPA Retreat, Marco Island, Florida
Sept 27-Oct 5th   Russian Conference and Seminar, Moscow
Oct 27 - 31s t       SOTA Conference, St. Catharines, Ontario

Apr 6-17th                   Conference in Paris then on to Amsterdam
Apr 28 – May              1st MAC Conference:  Cleveland, Oh
May 26-30th                NORWAC Conference, Seattle, Wa
June 29 – July 3rd      OPA Retreat, Sunrise Springs, New Mexico, Team Leader
Aug 14 – 26th              ISAR World Conference, Chicago, Ill.
                                    Co-c ordinator and Lecturer
                                    We launched the ISAR.CAP (Certification) program
Sept 8-11th                 Fraser Valley Astrological Society – Seminars
Sep 27 – Oct 8th         AAGB (Astrological Society of Great Britain), York, UK
Nov 6 – 23rd               ARGO Conference, Cape Town, South Africa

Jan 22-26th   FAA Conference (Federation of Australian Astrologers)
                      Melbourne, Australia
                      Beginners Seminar for Financial Traders, Melbourne
Apr 2-21st     Enrichment lectures SS Prinsendam World Cruise
                      Mumbai, India to Istanbul, Turkey through the Red Sea & Suez Canal
May 21-31st  NORWAC Conference, Seattle, Wa
Sept 9-12th   Seminars for Fraser Valley Astrological Society, Vancouver, Canada
Sept 23-29th  Boston then OPA in Florida
Oct 2 –Nov 1st   SOTA Conference, St. Catharines, Ontario

Highlight of this year was an Alaskan cruise on board the SS Dawn Princess as an enrichment lecturer;  the AFA Conference (American Federation of Astrologers) in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research) Conference in Anaheim, California

2001 & 2002  Lecture Schedule highlights
Highlights of these 2 years included…
Enrichment lecturer aboard the Seven Seas Mariner, as we cruised the South Pacific
AAGB (Ast. Society of Gr. Britain) in Swansea, Wales, ISAR Conference, Anaheim, Ca. and Seminars in Boston, Florida and Winnipeg.