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International Conference in Israel 2012.  Chris at the podium.

On the Great Wall of China in 2014 while teaching at NoDoor School in Beijing

First trip to Moscow Conference:  Invitation from Nick Strachuk


Hitching a ride in Jerusalem

Receiving Regulus Award from Rick Tarnas at UAC 2012.

Sailing into OMAN before entering into the Red Sea.  This is a  a portion of a World Cruise when I was an Enrichment Lecturer on board ship.  My Luxury  Line can be seen in the far background. We then sailed into Istanbul from where they flew me back home to Canada.  I was on board for 2 weeks!

My mountain climbing years reflects my philosophy of life.  We set upon a climb to achieve the summit and register our climb in the cairn at the top.  Some mountains turn you back before the glory of the summit but that is okay because you simply plan another climb,or another goal.  That is life itself.

Memories of Amsterdam. Left to right: Monica Dimino, me,Ray Merriman, and Dorothy Oja, on an ISAR missionin Europe.                                        

China 2014:  Group of Students.  I am in front in white jacket

China 2013:  Teaching Staff front row:  Monica Dimino, Gisele Terry, me, Dorothy Oja