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A client:  “I felt truly understood, inspired and empowered.  It was awesome”


An astrological consultation by Chris usually takes from 1-1/2 to 2 hours.  First visit would include insight into birth patterns that follow us through life and how they assist in our evolutionary journey in this lifetime path.

Then we analyze the current influences providing insight into the here and now.  Your interesting birth chart is included, along with your current year ahead.  Dates for moving ahead and dates for cautionary measures are also provided.

Many clients find a yearly update very helpful.  There are cycles upon cycles that continually move their way through our lives.  The update is also about 1-1/2 to 2 hours for a thorough examination, particularly as it stimulates something in your natal chart.  Seekers find it enormously helpful to tap Chris's many years experience, both as an astrologer, and from her maturity.

Many young people today have been born into patterns that are very dynamic but much different patterns than previous age groups.   They have a purpose in the collective evolutionary path.  

Since astrology is working its way into mainstream society, many professional people now seek astrological consultation.  Many more young people are also visiting astrologers or seeking information via classes or on the Internet.  


Birth chart analysis and yearly influences

Relocation:  Thinking about moving?  How would it shift your planets into new areas of  influence.

Horary Chart:  This is the divination form of astrology.  Ask a very important question to gain a serious answer.  The chart is the birth of a question that interjects into time with an ascertainable conclusion.

Synastry or compatibility between two charts.  Are we compatible with each other on a lifetime basis.