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Certified Master Astrologer and Internationally recognized teacher, lecturer and author having taught in over 10 different countries.

These classes are structured in a series of Semesters designed for study from beginners to advanced development.  Chris has over 45 years experience teaching both locally and globally.  For further info on classes and registration, please phone Chris at 780-469-2974 or email cmcrae@uniserve.com


EXPANDED CONCEPTS ... Commencing Tuesday, Sept 13th, 2016

In this semester we start seeing the chart as a whole through patterns such as Grand Trines, T-Squares, Grand Squares, Yods, Interceptions, and various other dynamics.  With each semester we are able to get deeper and deeper into the essence of a chart.

10 Tuesday's, commencing September 13th

Cost 275.00


BEGINNERS COURSE:  Commencing Wednesday, Sept 14th, 2016

Astrology is one of the most dynamic studies that can assist personal development through self-awareness. Due to the many profound thinkers that have entered its field, Astrology has reached profound levels of effectiveness applicable to the complexities of 21st Century living.

In this course, study your own personal dynamics through your birth chart and those of your loved ones. You will learn its many uses, and build the language of Astrology through the meaning of signs, planets, houses, and planetary combinations called aspects. No previous knowledge is necessary. Ample hand-outs are supplied, including your own natal chart.

10 Lessons commencing September 14th

Fee:  $275.00


WORLDLY AFFAIRS, RELOCATION, RECTIFICATION:  Commencing Thursday, Sept 15th, 2016

This is an advanced semester for those whose curiosity is boundless in the many ways astrology is applicable to expanding consciousness.  As we go beyond the study of the natal chart, with the formats of Astro-CartoGraphy and Geodetic Astrology we can observe the way our natal chart also shifts in its meaning.  These formats are also useful in applying planetary aspects in a global context.  We will study the influence of Great Conjunctions and their cycles as they bring about significant paradigm shifts in world consciousness be they personal, political, and even geophysical.  Another part of this semester indicates adjusting an approximate or unknown birth time.  

10 Lessons commencing September 15th

Fee:  $275.00


A series of lessons designed specifically for students who wish to write the challenging ISAR Certification Exam.  This Exam has been translated and accepted globally as the standard of excellence. It is a challenging 6 hour exam that tests a wide range of general knowledge through True/False and Multiple Choice, synastry, natal chart interpretation, and Progressed as well as Solar Return charts.  Acceptance only by application.

Date to be announced.