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                                                                    Month of November, 2020            

The three Great Conjunctions of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will continue in Capricorn, shifting our familiar world.  The month of November opened on October 31st with a Full Moon across Taurus/Scorpio.  This is our economic duo.  It hits us in our earning power and accumulation of debts which of course is very timely. What more problems and solutions will this bring into light?  

Mercury, the planet of communications, turns Direct in Libra on November 3rd, US Election Day.  And that is just for starters!  It is a power packed month when anything can shift or change in an unexpected, unpredictable way with revolutionary Uranus conjunct the Moon.  This affects our sense of security, and very much our economic position.  Libra is about trying to be balanced on a very disturbing day. It is also about our relationships, with ourselves and with each other.  What disturbance or pain will rise in the political limelight in the US?  How will we be affected?  On Nov 11th Mercury enters Scorpio for even deeper analysis, both personally and politically.  By the 22nd Venus also enters Scorpio.  That which is hidden must be brought into the light of understanding.  

The New Moon of November 15th is also in Scorpio with Mercury in opposition along with sudden and unexpected Uranus.  Anything can erupt during this whole week from about Nov 15th to 22nd. We should be exceptionally cautious about any action taken or words spoken.

Another shift occurs on Nov 22nd as the Sun enters Sagittarius.  This is a time to review our beliefs, our ideas, and opinions. We are facing burning issues as we get closer to the Holiday Season.  Issues that may be burning inside may have to do with travel, or covering our face when we go outside.  Then there are Holiday get-togethers and visiting relatives not seen for perhaps a year or two.  Family traditions are hard to break yet we have been doing it now for a whole year.  So much also depends on the money we are still able to earn.

Then finally the month ends on November 30th with a Lunar Eclipse in flexible, changeable Gemini. We may change our minds more than once on the rest of the days leading to the Holidays.  What uncertainties can we overcome?  It is the uncertainty of it all, the unknowing and unexpected shifts and our desire to give comfort and joy to those we love.  Let us find joy together in the season.

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There is criteria for astrological certification.  Such a program was developed and established by ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research) that has become the barometer of excellence for astrologers worldwide.  Since 2005 the program has been translated, taught and incorporated into over 20 different countries and several continents .  It provides the recipient with an ISAR.CAP. Other credible certifications include NCGR, National Council of Geocosmic Research, and PMAFA, Professional Member American Federation of Astrologers.

Chris McRae, ISAR.CAP, NCGR.CA, PMAFA (Life Time  Achievement and Regulus Awards.}